Chic MedSpa® takes pride in being transparent with our patients at ALL times. We want to establish a trusting relationship based on integrity for ALL of the services we provide. We show you ALL products we use prior to being injected or used for you to check for correct product name, expiration date and amount that you are purchasing. We pride ourselves in bringing every single patient back for a follow-up of services we provide. For example, our Botox®/Dysport® services allow you to return for a complimentary follow up to make sure you are happy with the results. If an additional treatment is needed, we provide such a touch-up service free of charge as long as it is within 14-21 days of the initial service and if agreed to by our medical practitioner. Other treatment modalities have different follow-up time-frames. 

We Honor Groupon prices in house if you mention it, even if you haven't bought a voucher yet. You can pay at the spa.

Chic MedSpa® is not associated with any insurance companies, which means they are not obligated to pay for our services. We require payment at the time of service and, if you choose, we will provide a form to send to your insurance company and a receipt that you paid out of pocket. We will not, however, communicate in any way with insurance companies.


You can download our current price-list with this link or just scan the QR-code with your phone:


Chic MedSpa Price List Download






Or you can send us your pricing questions to and we'll be happy to respond quickly.​

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