This new evolution is a culmination of research efforts over the years from some of the most distinguished medical and scientific research centers in the country. Physicians have finally realized that science has now given them the tools to enhance the quality of life by preventing deterioration through hormone replacement.

The pure biologically identical hormone is either extracted from plants or synthetically manufactured.  What is most important is that the end product is a molecule similar to the hormone molecule found naturally in the body. All hormones – thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA – can be replaced. These bio-identical hormones get made specially to fit your body’s needs through a compounding pharmacy.



BioTE® bio-identical hormone subcutaneous pellet therapy to help balance hormones in women and men.

What makes us different? Our pellets are made from the highest quality plant-based materials and are compressed at hundreds of pounds of pressure – enabling them to deliver constant levels of hormone replacement for months at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This prevents the roller-coaster ride of the other modes of delivery (pills, shots, patches, gels, creams, etc.).

In addition, our patented dosing system is exact. Through precise testing and proper consultation, the most accurate dose is prescribed for each patient’s unique body chemistry. Your BioTE® pellets are inserted by only well-trained certified experts who have years of hormone replacement therapy experience.

Pellet therapy is not new; hormone pellets have been used with great success in the United States, Europe and Australia since 1939. More than 70 years of research has illustrated the benefits of pellet implants and administering hormones to both women and men. Our pellet therapy uses bio-identical, all-natural estrogen and testosterone, delivered by tiny pellets inserted just under the skin. Over the next several months, the pellets release the hormones and are eventually absorbed completely.

To learn more about BioTE® Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy visit: www.bhrtvideos.com

What our patients experience:

  • Increased energy levels

  • Restored interest in life

  • Increased sexual drive and performance

  • Consistency in moods

  • Relief from anxiety and depression

  • Increased mental clarity

  • Decreased body fat

  • Greater capacity for getting the body in-shape.

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