At Chic MedSpa the use of dermal fillers is delicate, never seeking to change our patients’ natural appearance or oversell any products. Instead, we use fillers to enhance our patients’ natural beauty and bring out their own very best facial features. If you’re looking for a touchup in your face or would like to reverse the signs of aging, we provide the best dermal filler treatments.



We use dermal fillers to correct the following:

  • Lips, Nasolabial folds (smile lines), Loss of volume in the cheeks

  • Sagging jowls, Lack of definition in the jawline,

  • Fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face,

  • Bags under the eyes, Vertical lines on the upper lip, also known as barcode or smoker’s lines, among other areas.


Consultation required for correct treatment choice.


The procedure itself is very simple, our practitioners will apply numbing cream and the appropriate dermal filler through a series of precisely placed injections. Each injection is the result of the extensive training and experience that our practitioners offer, allowing us to provide among the most professionally administered dermal fillers that Miami has to offer. Through the entire procedure, every detail is taken into account, including patient’s goal, the location and amount of each injection. The entire goal is to maintain your basic appearance while highlighting the natural features and contour of your face. The result is a naturally enhanced you!

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